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Your New Favorite Fundraiser ♥♥♥

Cute, Huggable, High Profit

An exciting new fundraiser to raise money for your organization while offering fun and entertainment for kids of all ages. Participating students earn a 'Build Their Own' huggable, lovable buddy as their prize - plus more! A fundraiser that your students, parents, and volunteers will love!

Features & Benefits

Buddy-A-Thon is an easy fundraising option with an incredible profit percentage. This program is loved by kids, parents, and organizations. See why this is a fundraiser that your organization needs to try below.

Up to 50% Profit!

With profit as high as 50%, Buddy-A-Thon is a great fundraising option for your organization.

No Overpriced Items to Sell

Family and friends are not asked to buy overpriced items from catalogs.

No Money to Collect

This program is donation based and does not require your organization to collect any money.  The only money you collect will be a profit check!

No Products to Deliver

No sorting boxes or items to be distributed to classrooms and students.  Fun Services takes care of your distribution with their fun and interactive building experience.

How Does It Work?

Buddy-A-Thon is so easy because there is no assembly required, all funds are raised online, and your volunteers have almost no work to do!

We find that 10 emails average above $65.00. This program on average has a participation rate between 30% and 50% whereas most fundraisers are 5%-15%. This is simply because the kids love it and it's so easy!

Step 1

Play the fun and exciting kick off video for the entire school.  All you need to do is send home the information about the program. That’s it!

Want to boost the fundraiser even more? Post it on social media! We can supply Facebook & Instagram images for you to share on your page.

Step 2

Students submit email addresses.  The emails will invite family and friends to donate to your school for things you need.

Every student that sends at least 10 valid emails earns an awesome prize.

Step 3

Stuffing Day! This is the exciting part!!

Fun Services comes with our fun and exciting stuffing machine.  We setup and are ready for your special day to begin.  Picking out their bear and outfit is a special experience that the kids will love!

Students with $50 in donations raised will receive a Buddy! They are 16″ in size, “department store” quality, and come with a Birth Certificate & special insert.

Buddies & Outfits & More

More choices not pictured yet

Additional Features & Benefits


Buddy-A-Thon is a cute, easy, and high profit fundraiser with participation rates higher than your traditional catalog fundraisers. There is no upfront cost or risk. Give it a chance at your organization and your kids, families, and volunteers will thank you!

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